Proxy configuration

A proxy server is basically a hard disk connected to our network. This hard disk saves information that all of the users have viewed in the past. If later on, the same page is to be viewed by any other user using our network, the user will then download it from a local server. This increases speed because it avoids the bandwidth lag during peak hours.

From your internet explorer menu, choose "Tools" then click "Internet Options..." from the drop-down menu.


Under the "Connections" page, select "ICoolnet" and then click on "Settings...".


Tick the box-option "Use Proxy server" under "Proxy server", and then click on "Advanced".


Fill in the following information as shown in the diagram.

Proxy Server...


You have successfully configured your "Internet Explorer" to use the proxy server!

If you have any problems or questions using this option, don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail at or by phone at 1-599- 50 60 50.



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